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Pioneer 3-ton Wagons
A medium size wagon for horses and mules. Click here for specs and options.

We can get a shipping quote after you decide what you want to order - cost is weight and location dependent.

1-ton-gear You can order the gear with steel wheels, wood wheels, used pneumatic (air) tires or new implement tires; and the options you want from the Spec Sheet. You may buy the gear and build your own wagon, have a custom wagon built or order one of the wagon beds below. The photo shows the 1-ton gear but the main difference in looks is the double springs on the bolster and it is larger, of course.
Chuck-wagon Pioneer Chuck Wagon on the Box Bed with spring mounted seat and rear end gates. The box is 38" wind x 10 ' long. Overall it is 12 feel long with foot long with footboard and rear scoop extension. The front wood wheels are 36" in diameter and the rear wheels are 42" in diameter.


Pioneer Classic Wagon This is designed for utility work, pleasure driving or trail rides. May be used for a single horse, team or tractor. Also available with optional canvas top. Ideal for wagon train rides. It comes in 11 foot #3344 or 12 foot #3345 The picture shows it with a team of Percherons, lights,  hydraulic brakes and seat cushions on the passenger seats.
Pioneer Classic Covered Wagon Bed with optional bows and white canvas cover, tongue, wood wheels. 20" high side boards, retractable rear steps and hinged end gate. Handy storage under the seat. This is also available with 15" pneumatic tires other options include the LED light package and your choice of Mechanical Brakes or Hydraulic Brakes.
Pioneer Trailway Bed features a full width wagon seat, benches in back and easy-entry steps on the side and rear. Come with seat cushion, 20" high sideboards, flare boards and hinged end gate. Picture is shows with optional cushions on benches and the light package. 11 foot order #3342 and 12 foot is #3343
Pioneer Utility Wagon  Perfect for light to medium size horses or mules for utility work, pleasure driving or trail rides. May be used for a single horse, team or tractor.  It has one seat, cushion, 10 inch high side boards and flare board; making it ideal for hauling hay, produce, firewood, etc. 11 foot order #3340 or 12 foot # 3341 
Pioneer Coach Wagon  #3346 comes with three full width wagon seats with vinyl covered cushions. 11 feet long. Entry steps on both sides. Ideal for pleasure driving, parades or rides.
Pioneer Box bed  #3347 comes with a mechanical brake and lever, spring mounted seat and rear end gates. The Box is 38" wide and 10 foot long. Over all length with footboard and rear scoop extension is 12 feet. A great typical farm wagon style.
Pioneer Hay Bed #580  shown with an optional 3 foot front upright and a 6 foot back upright. You can get the flat bed only or with one or both uprights. Hay Bed is 12 foot long. These can be ordered 14' long on the 6 ton gear.
Custom Beds - If you don't see a wagon bed you like and want something different, Pioneer Equipment will be happy to work with you to design one to suit your needs. The photo to the left is just an example.
Pioneer Custom Classic Wagon Bed. This is custom wagon set up with the John Deere colors, hydraulic brakes on the front and back, passenger seats in the back, cushion on all the seats, and it is set up with the Light package and cover.
It is pictured here with and without the top so you can see the passenger seats in the back
Call for prices. A shipping quote can be obtained after you decide exactly what you want to order. All orders are shipped direct from the manufacturer in Ohio.

Telephone: 406.846.3686 

Je Suis Prest translates as "I am ready".  It is on the Fraser Family Coat of Arms which we have redesigned to suit our needs. The Coat of Arms is copyrighted and no permission will be granted for its use to anyone other than ourselves. No photos or any part of this site may be used without written permission.