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Winter Driving Series: We will offer a few clinics this winter at home for our students or anyone else who would like to participate. We still recommend at the minimum of a week private lessons - these clinic will build on that knowledge:
November 15-16, 2014
$150 per person for 2 days of clinic.
$ 10 per night per stall
Ground work, Bending, Suppleness, Specific issues with you or your horse

Items to bring if you have them.
Single lines.
Your harness
No carriages needed.

  This clinic will give you some things to work on during the winter months when you may only have a few spare minutes before dark or before you and your horse freeze.
  Each clinic you will get to drive but you also get to hear what is being said to others during their lesson. You will get to hear everyone’s questions and hang out with other driving people.
  Please bring your horses to this clinic if you feel the roads are good but if not we have plenty for you to use.
 There will be lots of hot drinks, blankets and talks by the fire with other driving friends.
  If you know other people who would be interested in this please provide their email so we can keep them in the loop.

RSVP before November 9 to Donika Shrauger email: mt4inhand@gmail.com .

Future clinic dates.
Jan 17-18, 2015 Different harness types and adjustments. Different hook-ups (single, tandem, 4 in hand and 3 or 4 abreast. No horses for this clinic.

Host a Clinic In Your Town

Alex will travel to teach a driving clinic or offer private lessons in your area.

     Cost is $500 a day plus his expenses which includes transportation to and from your location, food and lodging for the time he is away from home. If he has to haul horses for lessons, there will be an additional fee.
    This would usually include an 8 hour day for lessons plus an hour lunch break but some times he stays over time until they have completed the lessons.
    You can set up the clinic however you choose. We suggest a limit of 10 people for the day so everyone can have some hands on experience.
 All day clinics at our facilities are still $400 for the group.


     We usually have a variety of horses that we can use for lessons at our facilities or you may bring your horse if s/he is a well trained. Until we have a chance to evaluate your horse's abilities and yours - your first few lessons may be with our own horses. Everyone trains horses differently and not all horses drive with contact; so it might be necessary for us to offer some training for your horses. Rates will be discussed at that time, if it is necessary.

    Beginner students in a clinic will not be allow to bring their own horses for safety reasons.

     We offer an evaluation for your horse to see if s/he has the training you believe him/her to have at: $75 per horse. This is only for horses that are already trained but you have not yet had a chance to try them out yourself.

Private Lessons

     Private lessons are the best way to learn how to drive. We are open year round at our facility or we may travel to your location at $400 per day plus expenses. See the Rates page for private lessons at our facilities.
Check out our new Blog - I will try to keep this up as a way to show the events we attended - the clinics we presented - the students who came here for lessons (with their permission to post) and what horses we are driving or any other news. You can subscribe to get any new blog posts - and you can unsubscribe when you don't want any more notices. You are welcome to leave appropriate comments.

Safety Clinics

     It is our goal to make driving  horses safer for:
  • the public,
  • the horse owners, drivers,
  • and the horses.
     We are in the process of creating a program to certify drivers with the intent to make them safer so insurance will be easier to obtain and hopefully more affordable. We will update this site when this is ready to present.
     We don't believe you can learn enough at a Clinic to be an accomplished driver; especially for the public concessions but we can help to evaluate the drivers, equipment and routes.
     Our recommendations are a minimum of:
  •  15 hours of private lessons for a hobbyist.
  • 40 hours of private lessons for a commercial driver.
     Call or email if you have more questions or would like to sign up for lessons, clinics or evaluations.

Telephone: 406.846.3686 

Je Suis Prest translates as "I am ready".  It is on the Fraser Family Coat of Arms which we have redesigned to suit our needs. The Coat of Arms is copyrighted and no permission will be granted for its use to anyone other than ourselves. No photos or any part of this site may be used without written permission.