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Pioneer Forecart

 Pioneer Forecarts were originally designed to be used as a farm implement for horses but they are also used for training, exercising horses, pleasure driving or what we call toolie-crashing (off road). These forecarts will go most anywhere! You can now order sled runners for winter use, a blade for leveling ground or scrapping snow and a cargo tray for carrying extra items with you on your drive. Call 406-846-3686 for prices. We will not be able to quote shipping costs on the phone - rates depend on what your order and where you live.  - Also see Pioneer Wagons for ponies, horses/mules and draft horses.

   Now in five sizes - Heavy Duty, Standard, Haflinger and the newer Summit Forecart in Standard and Heavy Duty!

  Other options including seat cover, sun shade, cup holder, etc. Click on the blue fast links for these options.
The Standard fore cart and Heavy duty fore cart are built the same with the exception of having heavier spindles and a five-bolt pattern wheel on the heavy duty fore cart and the option to have hydraulic brakes.

The Standard Cart comes with either the Implement seat (as in picture on the left) or bench seat (pictured on the right): pneumatic tires or steel tires (not pictured) All other options need to be ordered separately. Pictured below is the Heavy Duty Forecart, bench seat, cushions, hydraulic brakes, cargo tray, lights and battery, tongue, neck yoke and double trees. Along side it is the Shafts for a single horse. The guard in front of the driver is also pictured and required if you are using this with horses. New!! The Pioneer fore cart is now standard with a poly bench seat. It is sturdier than the wood and never needs painting.

This is the Heavy Duty Forecart with tongue, neck yoke, double trees, cargo tray, light package and shafts.

 The Pioneer Forecart has transformed into a classic looking pleasure or training cart.
 Click here for the Ordering information and Specs sheet. Now you can order a seat cover, Sun Shade, Reese Hitch, LED lights with battery, and also new is a Rubber Torsion Axle option available on the Heavy Duty Draft, Haflinger and Pony forecarts with the Hydraulic brakes! Not pictured but now available is the vinyl bench, Chrome Hub caps, Line holders for driving tandem.

There are too many options to price on the site - call or email with what you want.

  •     Standard Cart - with  15" wheels and pneumatic tires - by far the most popular model. Use for general farm work, training, exercising and all around driving. (See the photo at the bottom of this page.)

  •    Heavy Duty Cart - For heavy-duty use and tough demanding tasks. Built the same as the standard cart except it has heavier spindles, 5-bolt hubs with wheels and you may get the hydraulic brakes or mechanical brakes.

  •     Haflinger Size Cart- for smaller horses. With 13 inch wheels.

  •     Pioneer Summit Forecart

          New features.


  • Poly Bench Seat, wood bench seat or implement seat

  • Cushion for Bench Seat (burgundy or black)

  • Extra Implement Seat (so you can have 2 or use for farm work. This seat is needed to use the scraper)

  • 15" air tires or 28" steel tires to work in the fields. (Haflinger size tires13 inch or Pony size tires 12 inch)

  • Mechanical Brakes are band type with replaceable lining. Foot pedal operated with lock.

  • Hydraulic Brakes - are 10" trailer type and foot pedal operated with lock valve. All brakes are factory installed, tested and adjusted. These are only available in the Heavy Duty Cart, Haflinger Cart or Pony Cart. Not available on the Standard Cart

  • Rubber Torsion Axles for a smoother ride over rough terrain. Only available on Heavy Duty Draft, Haflinger and Pony Carts - not on Standard Carts

  • Tongue Length is measured from from hitch pin to neck yoke - all wood tongues are made from Ash Hardwood. Easily switch from tongue to shafts with two bolts.

    • Steel Draft - 118"

    • Wood Draft - 118"

    • Haflinger - 102"

    • Pony - 85"

  • Shafts are all steel construction for safety and durability. Length is measured from singletree to front of shaft pipe. Easily switch from tongue to shafts with two bolts.

    • Draft - 87" (27" between pipes at narrowest point)

    • Haflinger - "76 (23" between pipes at narrowest point)

    • Cob - 70" (22" between pipes at narrowest point)

    • Pony - 60" (19" between pipes at narrowest point)

  • Fenders - recommended by the manufacturer for safety with the bench seat.

  • LED lights included 2 amber flashing LED lights with battery and switch, reflective tape and SMV emblem. It is easy to install on ay forecart with a bench seat.

  • Sled runners  Unbolt the tires and slip on the sled runners for winter use.

  • Blade for leveling ground or scraping snow. Implement seat is required.

  • Box - for tools or parts

  • Cargo Tray - Fits all forecart models and great for carrying extra gear, equipment, tools, spare parts, rain coat or picnic basket! Inside Dimensions: 17" wide x 29" long x 9" high.

  • Reese Hitch and receiver.

  • Chrome Hub caps - no photo available.

  • Sun shade, cup holder, whip holder, tool box and LED lights and Battery

  • Wood Double Trees and Neck Yoke in a variety of sizes, painted red or clear coated. Steel trees and yokes are available too.

  • Newly redesigned Hillside Steering for row crop applications, allowing you to steer with wheels right or left for Heavy duty carts only.

Here is Renny, a client of ours using her Pioneer Forcart with a Unicorn Hitch (3 horses)


Telephone: 406.846.3686 

Je Suis Prest translates as "I am ready".  It is on the Fraser Family Coat of Arms which we have redesigned to suit our needs. The Coat of Arms is copyrighted and no permission will be granted for its use to anyone other than ourselves. No photos or any part of this site may be used without written permission.