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Pioneer Haflinger Forecarts

The Haflinger size forecart is not much different in looks, but is slightly smaller, weighs 176 pounds for the one with the implement seat (plus the weight of guard, brakes or any other options) The tires are 13" instead of the standard 15". New - you can now order these carts with the Rubber Torsion Axles!! New - vinyl bench seat, chrome hub caps and line holders.
Here is the Haflinger cart with the bench seat, cushions, and cargo tray on the back.
You can click on the photo to the left to enlarge the spec sheet. The tongue length for the Pony cart is 60", the Haflinger length is 102". Draft length for comparison is 118". Measurements are from the Hitch pin to neck yoke.
  • Tongue Length is measured from from hitch pin to neck yoke - all wood tongues are made from Ash Hardwood. Easily switch from tongue to shafts with two bolts.

    • Steel Draft - 118"

    • Wood Draft - 118"

    • Haflinger - 102"

    • Pony - 85"

  • Shafts are all steel construction for safety and durability. Length is measured from singletree to front of shaft pipe. Easily switch from tongue to shafts with two bolts.

    • Draft - 87"

    • Haflinger - "76

    • Cob - 70"

    • Pony - 60"

Call for prices. A shipping quote can be provided after you figure out what you want to order. But we won't be able to guess until you are ready to order.

We take the 3 main credit cards, paypal and US checks.


Telephone: 406.846.3686 

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