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   We custom order harness using several harness makers depending on what type of harness is needed for individual applications. Some of the harness is made by Amish makers but we make special requests to be sure there is a tree in the harness saddle. We also have several reins/lines we recommend.

   We now sell Ideal Harness. Click on this page to see a few photos of the harness we have sold to our students.
 For a complete list of harness, lines, whips, gloves and more - go to the web site Ideal Harness
We custom order farm style harness from several makers depending on whether you want leather, nylon or synthetic. We also custom order show and parade harness from several makers.
  When you are not sure about what you want or need, let us help take the confusion out of ordering harness. Often we can save you money by ordering fair priced, quality harness without a lot of extra stuff you don't need but we help you get what you do need.

 You have many options: Leather, Synthetic or Nylon. You also have a few color choices. You need to decide if you want a breast collar style or Neck collar and hames style. You also need to decide what kind of hardware will be used on the harness. We recommend stainless steel hardware, but you can get brass, nickel or chrome plated hardware which are cheaper but not as good.

  There is a lot to know when buying harness and we are very happy to order the right harness to fit your horse and the driving you intend to do.

Click here if you want to know How to Measure your horse for a Harness. also Collar fit information.


  Please be very careful when you are buying used harness at farm auctions or on eBay. While some of it can be exactly what you want - other harness may actually be dangerous if there is dry-rot or cheaper urine-tan harness. Sometimes these do not stand up to the test and can fall apart when you least appreciate it. While even new harness or hardware may have un-seen flaws or may break when put to excessive stress - but you are less likely to have problems with new quality made harness.
  We have our preferences of styles and types of harness and we will be happy to advise you. Let us be your "shopper".  Take the guess work out of shopping for and buying harness and let us order just what you need. We are distributors for several harness makers and can order just want you need.

Telephone: 406.846.3686 

Je Suis Prest translates as "I am ready".  It is on the Fraser Family Coat of Arms which we have redesigned to suit our needs. The Coat of Arms is copyrighted and no permission will be granted for its use to anyone other than ourselves. No photos or any part of this site may be used without written permission.