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  We are proud dealers for Pioneer Equipment Inc because we appreciate the quality, durability and flexibility of their products for use with horses or mules at home, on the farm, ranch, for pleasure or training. We are not the manufacturer - all orders will be shipped to you from the factory in Ohio. Prices change without notice.
New products and features have been added Call for prices. Shipping costs will only be quoted after you decide exactly what you want, when you are ready to order.
 All orders are sent from the factory in Ohio to you direct. There are many changes this year for the Pioneer forecarts and wagons. I'll try to get the web sit up dated soon.

Pioneer Forecart

Many options for use with a single horse or a team. These come in five sizes - Heavy Duty, Standard, Haflinger and now the Summit Standard and Heavy Duty. It is necessary to purchase their shipping crate to contain all your parts. Assembly is required but there is an easy to follow instruction booklet included. Now you can get sun shades, lights, sled runners and snow scraper. Also new is a poly bench seat instead of wood. It is sturdier and never needs painting.


Pioneer Wagons

Choose from a variety of Wagons and Gears for Pony, Haflinger, Horse and Draft sizes.

People Hauler  Hitch_Wagon

Custom Weaver Wagons

 Choose from some of the other wagons they have produced in the past including People Movers and 5th Wheel Wagons for show or work or send your design for pricing estimates.
Harrows Spring tooth and Spike tooth
Homesteader Homesteader Plow, till, plant, cultivate and harvest your crops for the hobby farmer or homesteader.
Patio Seats & Tool Boxes

Other options, sun shade, cup holder, etc.

Pioneer Plows and Other Implements

Pioneer Sleds and Stoneboats - with or without seats.

Double Trees, Single Trees and Neck Yokes
Buckboard Pioneer Buckboard

Pioneer-Dump-trailer Pioneer Dump Trailers
Wood or Aluminum
pioneer-gang-mower Pioneer Gang Mower
  Pioneer Liberty PTO Cart shown with the deluxe seat or implement seat. Starting at $5116 and up. Gas or diesel. We have no personal experience with these carts, but the quality is undeniable!
Pioneer Four-wheel Diesel PTO Cart

Telephone: 406.846.3686 

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