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Pioneer Summit Forecart

Call for pricing. After you decide what you want, we can get a shipping quote from the factory in Ohio to you.

Summit-single The Pioneer Summit Forecart can easily change from using shafts for a single horse to a tongue for a pair of horses without the need for tools. This photo shows the cart set up with the bench seat, cushions, guard, padded arm rests, fenders and cargo tray.
Summit-three This photo shows the Summit Forecart with three draft horses, the three horse adapter eliminates all side draft in multiple hitches, three-abreast evener for a tongue, but it is also great for a pair of horses. The photo shows the implement seat but a bench seat can be ordered. It also shows the steel wheels but the pneumatic tires can be ordered.  It shows the mechanical brakes but hydraulic brakes can be ordered with the pneumatic tires. It can be used to pull a variety of farm implements.
3-horse-adapter This is the adapter needed if you want to hitch 3 horses abreast with the Forecart. You will also need the 3-abreast evener for a tongue.
Summit-lights This is the bench seat and the optional LED lights. Cushions may be ordered in black vinyl or burgundy. The Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) sign is extra.
This photo shows the Summit Forecart with pneumatic tires, shafts, shaft loops, implement seat, guard (required), fenders and hydraulic brakes.
Summit-pair The Summit Forecart can be used with a pair or draft horses or smaller Haflinger size horses. In this photo I had to compensate for the fold in that page. The Forecart is shown here pulling a farm implement - not included. The tongue is 2 1/2" square tube, adjustable length steel with safety tongue cap.
Shaft-loops The shafts length from the 38" single tree to front of shaft pipe is:
Haflinger = 76"
Draft = 87"
The distance between pipes at the narrowest point:
Haflinger = 23"
Draft = 27"
The shaft loops are optional but a good idea to save changing the length of the quarter straps on your harness.
Sun-shade The optional sun shade is only available on the draft forecarts with the bench seat.
seat-cover This canvas bench seat cover is available for the bench seat.
A waterproof cushion is available for the implement seat. Not pictured here.
Cargo-tray The Pioneer Equipment cargo tray is mounted with a Reese Hitch receiver. Inside dimensions: 17" wide x 29" long x 8 1/2" high. Handy for carrying a picnic lunch, halters, raincoats or anything else you want to have along.
Reese-Hitch-receiver The Reese Hitch Receiver with 2" ball.

Telephone: 406.846.3686 

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