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Pioneer Liberty PTO Cart

Horse or mule PTO carts for the serious farmer.

The Pioneer Liberty PTO Cart enabled you, the horse and mule farmer, to use the latest most modern equipment available today. Choose the horsepower to fit your application from a range of 20 HP to 75 HP. Quiet running gas or diesel engines help you do more work in less time. Field ready and loaded with features. These carts are proven performers after years of research and extensive on-th-farm testing. They have been successfully used on rotary mowers, hay bines, hay rakes, tedders, square and round hay balers, manure spreaders, corn pickers, picker/shellers, silage choppers and more. The Liberty PTO carts feature the exclusive adjustable drawbar stabilizer that eliminates all the balance problems of a two-wheeled cart. It ends swaying, tongue weight problems, PTO shaft damage on sharp turns and offers better stability when making turns and working on hillsides.
The control panel, throttle, hydraulic valve levers, clutch lever and brake pedal with lock are all within easy reach from the operators seat. Control panel features ignition, choke, tach/hour and volt meters.
Tongue Stabilizer connected to an implement tongue in work mode. All PTO carts have hydraulic adjustable stabilizers. Two bolt one stabilizer pins included with each PTO cart.
Durable Plastic Toolbox has ample room for tools, gloves and spare parts. A standard feature on all PTO carts. Size: 8"H x 8"W x 14"L.
Choose from the standard or deluxe Implement or Tractor Seats. Add comfort and safety for those long days in the field. Both models come with arm rests and front to back slides. The deluxe model comes with air ride suspension, lumbar and back angle adjustments.
  • Gasoline - 20 HP to 35 HP
  • Diesel - 27 HP to 75 HP
  • Hydraulic brakes with lock valves
  • steel tongue with lift spring
  • hillside steering
  • Clutch - hand lever belt tightener
  • PTO shaft - 1 3/8 - 6 spline 540 RPM
  • Hydraulic pump - 3 GPM on gas models; 8 GPM on diesel models
  • Hydraulic Outlets - 4 quick disconnect
  • Overall width (outside tires) 73" gas models; 75" diesel models
  • Tongue features two hitch pins to mount to our standard 2 or 4 horse eveners or three horse tongue evener
Here is the Pioneer PTO cart with a round baler. Click on the photo for a larger view.
Coming soon. Pioneer Four-wheel Diesel PTO Carts

Telephone: 406.846.3686 

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