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The Fraser School of Driving is open year round. We have lots of places to drive with awesome views of the mountains, but if the weather turns bad we have a spacious indoor arena where we can conduct your lessons.
    Rates: our rates have not changed for over 10 years. We had to make a slight increase in 2015. The rates quoted in 2014 will be honored to anyone who has already booked their lessons or clinic.
    Basic Training: $85 per hour up to 15 hours of private lessons, which is our minimum recommendation for learning the basics. Our classes are usually two to three hours per day which will include hands-on harnessing, hitching and driving a single or a pair of horses. There is usually at least an hour of informal class room per day to include question and answer time. This is about as much as most people want to absorb in a day. There is a lot to learn! This week is estimated to cost $1275.00.
    Advanced Training: $60 per hour. This rate applies to students who have completed our Basic Training and want to continue developing their skills. This level of training does not require a minimum number of hours. Most people will be able to determine their own level of comfort and may come back to us anytime for more experience and to continue learning more. We can't possible teach everything you will need to know in a week or even in two weeks. Many of our students will come back, especially after winter, to touch-up on their driving reactions and to correct any bad habits they may have developed at home. Our students who have already been with us for several years will still receive the lowest rate we offered from the beginning of their training.
    Commercial drivers should consider at least 30 hours of private, professional training before you risk the lives of the trusting public. We can not squeeze 30 hours of driving in a week's time - you should allow at least two weeks for training. You will be expected to pass our evaluation at which time we will issue you a certificate of training. It is our hopes the insurance companies will expect this level of training before they insure any commercial horse-drawn rides. The cost for the Commercial driver training is estimated to be $2200.00
    The Experience: $100 per hour for one to two hours of driving horses. This is for the people who just want to experience driving horses but have no intentions on going further with their training.
    Partner Rates: We offer a Partner rate to a spouse, family member or friend who will share the lesson time. The first person pays the full rate and the second person pays $30 per hour of shared time.


$400 per day clinic at our facilities. You can have a private clinic for yourself or your group. This is for people who want to spend the entire day learning as much as they can about harnessing, hitching and driving horses. This will include lots of hands-on driving experience; how to get a better response from the driven horse; question and answer time; harness choices; vehicle selection; safety considerations; horse types and abilities; the horse's way of thinking and responding; what the horse needs from the driver.
$500 per day plus expenses, for clinics away from our facilities.


  We can offer Room and Board to a limited number of students in our nice bunk-room. Meals are served family style. Call for rates. The benefit of staying here is receiving additional question and answer time and conversations before, during and after meals. There are motels and restaurants very close by if you prefer more privacy. Go to the Links page and scroll down to the Local Accommodations for Motels or RV campgrounds.


   We can be flexible in our class times and dates, so call and talk with us about what schedule works best for you.
   The lessons vary with each student. Everyone has different interests and levels of ability so we work with each individual to offer them what they need the most. We teach driving with contact - this is the safest and most responsive way to drive a horse or multiple horses. We will cover harnessing, fitting and adjustments, but we focus mostly on hands-on-driving. We are very flexible in the lessons and we try to accommodate your individual goals and requirements. We can also teach you how to best present your horse through grooming techniques and equine enhancement. You may drive a single horse or a well matched pair. We offer lessons in driving four horses, but only after you have accomplished driving a pair.

Gift Certificates:

We offer gift certificates by the hour or by the week! We can make available as many driving hours as you would like to give. We have sold gift certificates to:
  • a wife who gave her husband the gift of driving for their anniversary. He drove horses as a kid and wanted to re-live the experience. You should have seen the smile on his face! He had so much fun his wife paid for another hour.

  • a friend who wanted to say Thank You to someone, and she knew how much her friend wanted to learn to drive horses. The recipient couldn't say no to the gift and decided to take more lessons.

  • parents who were learning how to drive from us and could see the value of professional training, so they gave their daughter the gift of lessons. She went on to expand her lessons and is now driving horses for someone else and competing in the CDEs.

  •  husbands who wanted to give something special to their wives.

  • a husband who wanted to make his wife's dream of driving horses come true!

  • a wife who gave her husband more lessons because she knew he wanted more experience driving his horses.


  We usually have a variety of horses to drive including draft horses, cross breeds, light horses and ponies. If you have a well trained horses, you may bring them for your lessons. We may charge $75 for an evaluation to be sure your horse is suitable for your lessons. If your horse needs additional training it will be an additional $50 per hour in addition to your lesson. If your horse is fine there will be no extra costs except the standard boarding rate of $20 per night. We have hay but it is alfalfa mix and that might be too rich for your horse, so bring what you normally feed and we will adjust the rate. We have some wonderful driving horses for sale - if you are looking for quality - see our list of Horses for Sale.

Equine Enhancement:

   We can teach you how to make your horses look their very best! It is surprising how proper conditioning and presentation can benefit you in the show ring, the sale ring, parades, or anytime you drive in public. We can also teach you to train your own horses, but this will take time to train you first. It is not likely you can learn it all in one or two weeks.
Clinics In Your Town:
Alex will travel to teach a driving clinic or teach private lessons in your area.
Cost is $500 a day plus his expenses which includes standard mileage rate to and from your location or air fare, food and lodging for the time he is away from home. If he has to haul horses for lessons, there will be an additional fee.
 A clinic would usually include an 8 hour day for lessons plus an hour lunch break, but just try to shut him up after 8 hours. <smile>
   You can set up the clinic however you choose. We do suggest a limit of 10 people for the day so everyone can have some hands on experience.
   If you have any other questions feel free to call 406-846-3686 or E-mail, we will be happy to answer your questions about the school or lessons.

Telephone: 406.846.3686 

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