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Sled Runners
The Pioneer Forecart and the Pioneer Wagons can be converted from a summer vehicle with rubber tires to a winter vehicle with these sled runners. The wheels can be removed and replaced with the sled runners. These will NOT fit on the gear with wooden wheels.

  Price is $540 for the set of 4.

  You can click on the pictures to the left for a larger view.
Safety Chains for the sled runners are a new feature. They are not required but they are recommended by the manufacturer.
   These may be ordered to fit the Standard Cart, Heavy Duty Cart, Cart with Hydraulic brakes, Pony or Haflinger Cart, and the 1 ton, 3 ton or 6 ton wagon gear and now the half ton wagon gear. 
  Pictured here are the sled runners for the heavy duty fore cart with a 5 hole bolt pattern.

Telephone: 406.846.3686 

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